Welcome Aboard Deputy Prime Minister Joyce

Posted by on 19 December 2017

Barnaby Joyce 960x540

Ports Australia the peak body for Australia’s Ports sector today congratulated Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on his appointment to the Infrastructure and Transport Portfolio 

Chief Executive Officer of Ports Australia, Mike Gallacher, said, “The sector is excited to have a minster that understands the potential of Australia’s agriculture and the need to make sure it can reach the international market as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Of all Australia’s imports and exports 98 percent of it goes through the country’s ports.

“Whether by rail or road, all paths lead to the ports and as agriculture grows to a $100 billion industry it is more important than ever that Australia’s have cheap reliable access to our international gateways.”

“It will be up to Minister Joyce to ensure that Aussie farmers can get their produce to the port gate with minimum disruption.

“The sector would also like to thank Darren Chester for his work over the last year,” Mike Gallacher concluded. 

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