Ports Australia welcomes Queensland maintenance dredging strategy

Posted by on 2 December 2016


2 December 2016

Ports Australia welcomes Queensland maintenance dredging strategy

National peak body, Ports Australia, has welcomed the release of the Queensland Maintenance Dredging Strategy for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Park.

CEO, David Anderson, said that the Strategy delivered certainty and confidence that maintenance dredging activities and material disposal can continue to occur in a sustainable manner. 

“Maintenance dredging of shipping channels and berths is essential to both the safe and efficient operation of ports.  The Strategy recognises that our shipping channels, in effect our sea roads, occupy a key place in our international supply chains” Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson noted further that the Ports Community in the Great Barrier Reef region comprised hard working Queenslanders who went to considerable lengths to ensure port operations and development went hand in hand with very high standards of stewardship of the marine environment.

“The Strategy presents a leading practice approach to the long-term management of sediment that accumulates in shipping channels, which our Members have been developing in recent years.  It is also supported by an Environmental Code of Practice for Dredging and Dredged Material Management released by Ports Australia in August 2016” he said.

Both these initiatives form part of the work program supporting the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan.

“Our Members recognise and support the benefits of a transparent approach to identifying, selecting and implementing options for the management of maintenance dredge material envisaged in the Strategy, and are fully committed to implementing it” Mr Anderson said.

“We look forward to seeing the Strategy recognised by regulators to provide longer-term approvals and risk based monitoring requirements that facilitate operational needs while also protecting our very valuable Barrier Reef” he added.


For media enquiries contact Mr David Anderson, CEO Ports Australia, on 0412 588 767.