Number of Full Time Employees (FTE) Employed - Indirect for 2014/2015

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Category notes:

    The employment flow on effect of the total port operations to the State or territory in which the port is located measured in FTE as per : A general framework for undertaking port impact studies in Australia ? Regional Impact of Ports, BITRE 2000 (or estimate of the same).
Port of Portland 350
Broome Port Authority 100
Port Lincoln (Flinders) 0
Port Adelaide (Flinders) 0
Fremantle Ports 0
Port Alma (Rockhampton) (Gladstone Ports) 0
Wallaroo (Flinders) 0
Port Pirie (Flinders) 0
Port Giles (Flinders) 0
Klein Point (Flinders) 0
Bundaberg (Gladstone Ports) 0
Geelong Port (Patrick) 0
Thevenard (Flinders) 0
Total 450