Number of Full Time Employees (FTE) Employed - Port Precinct for 2014/2015

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Category notes:

    Employees measured by Full Time Employee (FTE) who are employed by port tenants or port users where they access the port precinct or port controlled land or waters to complete the requirements of their employment (or estimate of the same).
Port Adelaide (Flinders) 3,500
Broome Port Authority 181
Geelong Port (Patrick) 85
Port Lincoln (Flinders) 0
Fremantle Ports 0
Port Alma (Rockhampton) (Gladstone Ports) 0
Wallaroo (Flinders) 0
Port Pirie (Flinders) 0
Port Giles (Flinders) 0
Klein Point (Flinders) 0
Port of Portland 0
Bundaberg (Gladstone Ports) 0
Thevenard (Flinders) 0
Total 3,766